HSD-R Polishing Powder
HSD-W Polishing Powder
rare earth oxide-cerium oxide
Cerium Oxide
Lanthanum Oxide
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About HSD

Zibo HSD Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional rare earth oxide manufacturer since 1998.Our company is located in Zibo city ,Shandong province,China. HSD Chem is specializing in producing Cerium Oxide polishing powder for nearly 22 years. Our annual turnover is 83 million USD and net assets is about 40 million USD.At present, our production volume is 8000 tons per year and we are the biggest and best polishing powder manufacturer in China. MORE


Advanced Technology

HSD Chemical has two mordern fully automatic production lines. The production capacity is 8000 tons per year. Our mordern technology helps us to fulfill any customers’ need and make our price more competitive.

Professional Equipment

HSD Chemical has a strict quality control team. All rare eath products are tested before they enter the warehouse. These high-quality standards and equipments ensure everything is correct before customer delivery.

Experienced Service Team

Superior engineers and technicians support HSD Chemical products.  The engineers have an outstanding level of experience with rare earth products. If you have a problem, we will fix it free of charge.

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