Rare earth heavyweight policy is expected to be intensive

Two days, three meetings!

From June 4th to 5th, the National Development and Reform Commission held three meetings on the issue of rare earth industry. The conference targets are industry experts, rare earth enterprises and competent authorities of production areas. The main issues involved are rare earth environmental protection, rare earth black industrial chain, rare earth intensification and high-end development. For an industry, such intensive actions and attitudes are rare.

The industry believes that the rare earth industry will have further policy promotion, a series of policies such as environmental inspection, indicator verification and strategic storage will be released intensively, promoting the rationalization of the rare earth industry structure, advanced technology, effective resource protection, and orderly production and operation. The development pattern of the industry will give full play to the special value of rare earth as a strategic resource.

Environmental protection will become an important grip

On January 4, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other 12 ministries and commissions issued the “Notice on Continuously Strengthening the Order Rectification of the Rare Earth Industry.” For the first time, a multi-sector joint supervision mechanism was established, and a special supervision was conducted once a year to hold accountable for violations of laws and regulations. This means that the rectification of rare earths has officially entered a normal state.

At the same time, the “Notice” will further implement the requirements of the rare earth group and intermediary organizations, how to guide the high-quality development of the industry, and will have a profound impact on the sustainable and healthy development of the rare earth industry.

According to industry insiders, the rare earth industry is a heavily polluting industry that causes serious soil erosion, damage to surface plants, soil pollution, acidification and other environmental problems during mining and processing. Since 2017, environmental protection supervision has been implemented, and many rare earth enterprises that fail to meet environmental standards have been shut down and punished. This has shocked the industry and promoted the price increase of rare earths. Therefore, environmental inspection will be an important means for the country to rectify rare earths.

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