Detailed method of glass edging

Glass edging has to go through many processes. There are 3~9 times.
1, first with a metal bond diamond grinding wheel grinding, in turn use coarse, medium, fine, 325 is already fine. This is trimming the general properties, it is normal to appear collapse.
2, and then use a resin bond grinding wheel to grind the sand surface without a chipping. Usually, it can be used here.
3, sometimes I want the edge to be polished like a mirror. This requires the use of a polishing wheel, no longer use diamond, and use a low-hardness polishing abrasive such as iron oxide or cerium oxide.
The second step is to use a 3000-mesh water mill, which is almost transparent.
There is a special glass edging machine, which has all the required wheels (5 heads with 5 wheels, 9 heads for 9 types, and so on). The glass is pushed from one side and passes through all the wheels one by one. After coming out from the other side of the machine, it has been polished like a mirror.
If you don’t have a special machine, use a grinding machine to grind the shape directly with a diamond-grinding wheel with a 60-mesh metal bond, and then use a diamond-grinding wheel with a 150-325 mesh resin bond to grind large scratches. This can be used almost. If you want a smooth smooth edge, then polish the wheel.

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